Our Candles

Our Candle Guarantee

We are proud of the quality of our candles and guarantee their performance. We go above and beyond in our sourcing, testing and production of our candles so you can rest assured our candles are the highest quality on the market.

Did you know....

Our candles are hand poured in our home kitchen in small batches. That means we pour our candles in batches of 6 or less. No mass production happening here! Every candle is poured with attention to every little detail as we pour them one by one. 

We source the highest quality, clean materials:

100% natural soy wax (sourced in the Midwest, USA) - NO petroleum byproducts like the big box candles here!

100% cotton wicks - NO lead here!

High quality phthalate-free fragrance oils, we use essential oils when possible. Fragrance oils can be toxic. We go to great lengths to ensure that our fragrance oils are ABOVE industry standard recommendations. NO toxins here!

We are cruelty free:

We love our animals. NO animal testing here! 

Our candles are safe for pets to smell, BUT please keep them away from an open flame!

Our Sustainability Promise:

True progress takes continuous and coordinated efforts. We strive daily to improve our products and processes to be more sustainable. From the materials we source to the partners we choose to work with, we keep sustainability in mind. Daily we are working to conserve resources, reduce waste and support a closed loop system.

Your role:

Re-use and/or recycle our products. Our vessels can be re-used and/or re-purposed. Check out our Planting Kits as a way to re-use your beautiful candle vessels!

Think before you throw away. Can the item be reused/recycled/repurposed?

The peanuts we use to ship with are compostable. They dissolve in water! How cool is that!

Reuse any cardboard or plastics that come with your shipment. In most cases we have recycled these ourselves. We don't support the use of single use plastics. 

If you see an opportunity that we can implement to improve our sustainability please let us know! We are always looking to improve!