GIFT SET: Candle Sample 4-Pack
GIFT SET: Candle Sample 4-Pack
GIFT SET: Candle Sample 4-Pack
GIFT SET: Candle Sample 4-Pack
GIFT SET: Candle Sample 4-Pack

GIFT SET: Candle Sample 4-Pack

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Our Candle Sample 4-Pack is a great way to sample 4 of our premium natural soy candles! Pick 4 scents of your choice and we will add them to our beautiful gift box. These smaller sizes are great for small spaces and for traveling! Need more...check out our 8-Pack!

Add a gift card so your recipient can purchase a full size candle once they have tried their samples!

Wax quantity: 2 oz each candle

Burn time: 15+ hours

Handmade | Small batch
100% natural soy wax (sourced in the Midwest, USA)
100% cotton wick
High quality phthalate-free fragrance oils including essential oils 

Scent Options (if any scent is out of stock we will replace with similar):

AFTER HOURS - A sultry, complex, moody scent made up of evergreens, spice and fruit. Turn down the lights, open a bottle of wine and wind down after hours!

AUTUMN ORCHARD - Freshly picked crisp McIntosh Apples - you will feel like you are at the orchard

BLOOD ORANGE - A warm fresh citrus perfect for any room in your home! Orange, grapefruit, green leaves and cedar

BLUE SPRUCEFresh spruce, pine, cedar with a touch of cinnamon, cypress and moss. You will feel like you are in the woods cutting your very own Christmas tree!

CASHMERE - Complex & rich with 5 essential oils. Citrus, Amber, Jasmine, Dark Musk, Vanilla & Sandalwood

CHRISTMAS CABIN - Turn your home into a Christmas cabin with this cozy candle! Cinnamon & orange zest with cranberry and bayberry notes

CHRISTMAS TREE - Christmas morning in a candle! Pine, Apple, cedar, fir & cypress infused with essential oils cedarwood, fir needle & spearmint

CITRONELLA - Keep those pesky bugs away this summer with this classic 

CITRUS SUNRISE - Crisp and tart! Start your morning off right with this clean citrus energizing scent. Grapefruit, red & black currant, oakmoss & musk

CLEAN COTTON - That smell of crisp clean sheets line dried on a breezy day

CUCUMBER MELON - Refreshing cucumber and honeydew melon with hints of fresh green leaves

FALL HARVEST - A walk thru the woods with crisp fresh fallen leaves

GARDENIA - Tropical Gardenia florals in full bloom a deep earthy floral

HOLLY BERRY  - A stronger pine scent with bayberry, cinnamon, clove and lemon rinds. A fresh festive scent that will get you in the holiday spirit!

LAVENDER FIELDS - A calming blend of lavender and white sage. A clean, herbal, earthy scent

LEATHER - Distinct, rich, classic & timeless

LEMON VERBENA - A perfectly balanced lemon verbena scent - a perfect kitchen candle! Not too sweet not too tart. Lemon, orange, lemongrass, primrose & musk 

MAGNOLIA & PEONY - A delicate yet bold floral bouquet. Surround yourself in the freshness of the blossoming magnolia, peony, violet and freesia flowers

ROSE WATER - A romantic walk thru a rose garden in peak bloom

SPA DAY - A sweet and sultry mix of sandalwood, musk, mandarin and amber

TREE FARM by Jaci Daily- This festive candle will fill your home with that fresh trimmed pine tree scent with soft notes of eucalyptus and cedarwood

UNSCENTED - Natural soy wax with no scent. Perfect for those with scent sensitivities or for the dinner table

WHITE TEA - A luxurious blend of bergamont, mandarin, white tea, chrysanthemum, jasmine & ginger

Our candles are made with the maximum fragrance oil that the soy will tolerate to provide a potent scent. They burn evenly and cleanly so no need to worry about adverse effects to you, your home or your air quality like you would with unnatural candles that may contain petroleum or other harmful additives. 

Burning Instructions:
+ During the first burn, make sure to allow the candle to melt to the edges of the container. Failure to do so can result in tunneling, poor scent throw, and poor burn times.
+ Trim your wick to 1/4" prior to each burn. 
+ If you notice a large flame while burning, blow out flame, trim wick & re-light.
+ Only burn for 2-3 hours at a time.
+ Do not leave candle unattended while burning.
+ Keep away from children, pets, drafts and flammable items.
+ Discontinue use when only 1/4" of wax remains.

+ If you notice small holes or crystallization on the top of the candle after the candle has cooled from burning, this is completely normal for all natural soy wax candles. This is how you know you have a high quality candle. When you light your candle the wax will melt and your candle will perform as normal.
+ Scents and their strengths are personal and subjective-our candles use the maximum scent that the natural soy will tolerate.