Planting Kit
Planting Kit
Planting Kit
Planting Kit

Planting Kit

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Today is a GREAT day to plant a flower!

Use our planting kit to reuse/repurpose your candle vessel or other small container. Our planting kit makes a great party favor!

Great for children and adults!

Planting kit contains:

-Soil: about 2 cups (soil comes compacted in a puck - simply add water per instructions) 

-Flower seeds: current seed - Cosmos

-Instructions how to prepare a used candle vessel and plant using our planting kit

-All packaged in a beautiful muslin bag

-***DOES NOT INCLUDE A VESSEL*** Purchase a candle or planter pot or use a vessel you may already have

Seeds start growing immediately upon planting. Usually you will see sprouts in days. Flowers can take 30-80 days to bloom depending on environmental conditions.

Should your seeds not grow we are happy to send replacement seeds just let us know! Germination rates are 95% and above so you shouldn't have any issues if you follow our planting instructions!