Fragrance Menu

AFTER HOURS - A sultry, complex, moody scent made up of evergreens, spice and fruit. Turn down the lights, open a bottle of wine and wind down after hours!

AUTUMN ORCHARD - Freshly picked crisp McIntosh Apples - you will feel like you are at the orchard

BLOOD ORANGE - A warm fresh citrus perfect for any room in your home! Orange, grapefruit, green leaves and cedar

BLUE SPRUCEFresh spruce, pine, cedar with a touch of cinnamon, cypress and moss. You will feel like you are in the woods cutting your very own Christmas tree!

CASHMERE - Complex & rich with 5 essential oils. Citrus, Amber, Jasmine, Dark Musk, Vanilla & Sandalwood

CHRISTMAS CABIN - Turn your home into a Christmas cabin with this cozy candle! Cinnamon & orange zest with cranberry and bayberry notes

CHRISTMAS TREE - Christmas morning in a candle! Pine, Apple, cedar, fir & cypress infused with essential oils cedarwood, fir needle & spearmint

CITRONELLA - Keep those pesky bugs away this summer with this classic 

CITRUS SUNRISE - Crisp and tart! Start your morning off right with this clean citrus energizing scent. Grapefruit, red & black currant, oakmoss & musk

CLEAN COTTON - That smell of crisp clean sheets line dried on a breezy day

CUCUMBER MELON - Refreshing cucumber and honeydew melon with hints of fresh green leaves

FALL HARVEST - A walk thru the woods with crisp fresh fallen leaves

GARDENIA - Tropical Gardenia florals in full bloom a deep earthy floral

HOLLY BERRY - A stronger pine scent with bayberry, cinnamon, clove and lemon rinds. A fresh festive scent that will get you in the holiday spirit!

LAVENDER FIELDS - A calming blend of lavender and white sage. A clean, herbal, earthy scent

LEATHER - Distinct, rich, classic & timeless

LEMON VERBENA - A perfectly balanced lemon verbena scent - a perfect kitchen candle! Not too sweet not too tart. Lemon, orange, lemongrass, primrose & musk 

MAGNOLIA & PEONY - A delicate yet bold floral bouquet. Surround yourself in the freshness of the blossoming magnolia, peony, violet and freesia flowers

ROSE WATER - A romantic walk thru a rose garden in peak bloom

SPA DAY - A sweet and sultry mix of sandalwood, musk, mandarin and amber

TREE FARM by Jaci Daily - A festive scent that will fill your home with that fresh trimmed pine tree scent with soft notes of eucalyptus and cedarwood

UNSCENTED - Natural soy wax with no scent. Perfect for those with scent sensitivities or for the dinner table

VANILLA BEAN - Fresh vanilla beans with notes of sweet vanilla cream & musk

WHITE TEA - A luxurious blend of bergamont, mandarin, white tea, chrysanthemum, jasmine & ginger